Why all couples can benefit from therapy?

Have you ever tried to resolve an argument with your partner and you end up in the blame game with neither one of you taking responsibility for the disagreement and the entire situation spiraling into world war three?
Human beings just want to be right. When a couple comes to me because they are often at the end of their rope, I tell them, you may win the argument but being RIGHT is the booby prize. The only reward is a boost to your ego if you are lucky. Most of us end up just feeling lonely, sad, anxious, deflated , just to mention a few... Nothing gets resolved .
During our schooling, we learn all kinds of useful tidbits ... How to solve an algebraic equation, Newton's Law, the Battle of the Bulge...but we rarely learn how to communicate with our loved ones successfully, how to have a fulfilling relationship, how to be in team with our partners or how to parent successfully ....
When we are in a relationship, we are emotionally invested. It is hard to see clearly. We can only see from our own vantage point. This lens is created from our history. No two people have been through the same exact experiences, so each of us comes into the relationship with our own twist on how things should be.
Being in relationship, we come across many areas that can lead to disagreement....finances( saving/ spending)/ earnings) intimacy, family involvement,careers, parenting, communication, drugs and alcohol, etc....

Couples Therapy can be helpful in so many ways...
.....having an objective point of view from someone who is not emotionally invested in the relationship
....learning how to communicate more effectively
....learning how to truly listen to your partner
...learning new tools to enhance your intimacy and connection
...having someone there to ask the hard questions
The list goes on......

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