ONE LIFE.....Are you really living????

Sometimes it takes one having an epiphany to start really LIVING life. I had my epiphany eleven years ago. I was actually taking a personal development class and a song came on. Most of the time, I really do not pay attention to the words of a song. But for some reason, at that moment, I heard every word. It was as if the person singing the song, was singing to me. Wake up! This is your one and only life that you are living. It could end at any moment! Hello!!! Fast forward to today, I am sitting here asking you, when is it going to be your turn? What are you waiting for ? 

As a therapist, I see many clients that claim they just living to get by, with a laundry list of reasons for doing so. Resulting in depression, anxiety, anger and relationship issues. In some cases, it even impacts their health, with cases of fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues, cancer, addiction, ..... The connection between our bodies and our minds is real. If one is unhappy, stressed, anxious or sad, eventually it will take a toll on one's physical health. Don't wait until it is too late.

Together, I work with my clients on uncovering the demons that are getting in their way. Between sessions, I often assign homework to help guide them on the path to LIVING, asking questions such as, when did you stop having fun? What was it that you use to do that gave you pleasure? Think back to when you were a little boy or girl, what did you like to do? What did you always want to try but never did? Okay, so before you come back, what steps can you take to discovering your passions? 

So I ask you now, if you knew that you only had a few months to live, how would you like to spend that time? Life is precious, but often a lot of it is out of our control. Are you doing all you can to savor every moment? Sometimes life can lead us on a difficult road. What can you do to create joy where there is none? Do you need to wait until your epiphany shows up to create a life worth living? Or can you make that decision right now? I want to empower you to get in the drivers seat today and begin the journey. If you find you need support and encouragement along the way, please seek out a qualified professional to help provide the tools to get there. The time is now!!!!

Jody Pflanzer LMFT, M Ed
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

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